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Symphony Nr.2 for Wind Ensemble: 16:21. The first particle opens with brass on the main theme, being presented with the wood wind triplet section.  Immediately the high winds begin to develop opening thematic material, continuingly   to the key change at letter A. The second development section continues until the original triplet material begins returning. At letter D, the main theme returns in the brass and continues building until the end of the particle. The opening solo in the oboe, becomes a duet, and ends as a trio with the English horn before developing to a wood wind only movement. A small supporting French horn section, the only brass, in the middle of the develop section returns the oboe and English horn trio to the end of the movement. Particle three features a brass and percussion introduction which continues throughout the development of the first theme. The trombone solo introduces the trumpet trio leading into the second development section. The original rhythmic opening leads the opening theme to the particles piano ending. The spirited opening trio by the trumpets sets the tempo and mood of the final particle.  A varied development section interrupted briefly by the original trumpet trio, leads to a low brass choral bringing us to very quiet ending with flute.

Symphony No. 2 for Wind Ensemble – Particle 1 Allegro moderato
Symphony No. 2 for Wind Ensemble – Particle 2 Andante
Symphony No. 2 for Wind Ensemble – Particle 3 Moderato
Symphony Nr. 2 for Wind Ensemble – Particle 4 Allegro