Gary Steele Publishing

A wide variety of contemporary instrumental and vocal music; containing solo and ensemble literature with piano, string, and wind accompaniment for the discriminating performer.

The instrumental section contains a diverse series of trombone composition, small and large wind ensemble selections, and Symphony No. 2 for Winds.

The vocal music classifies secular and sacred solos, choral and full length musicals with piano and full length instrumental scores or tracks.


Concert No. 1 for
Trombone and Winds

Has two movements with piano or wind accompaniment. Movement one contains an Allegro moderato and Andante section combined. The second and final movement, Allegro moderato completes the work.

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Vocal Section

The Dolls of December

Seasonal celebration containing 12 traditional arrangements allowing for multiple voice ranges.

Wind Ensemble


A five movement work based upon folk art and the historic melodies from the 18th century of American history. The opening theme begins the journey from the early colony days to the present, of a country searching for endurance.

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Introduction to Gary Steele

Since retiring as a music and theater educator in 1998, Steele has concentrated on the creative side of art and music rather than performance. During his thirty years of educating children in the field of music and performance, time did not allow him the luxury of pursuing creativity. The love of music composition and producing fine art has been the driving force in this Juilliard School of Music graduate’s life.

Presently both music and art have merged into Steele’s process of creativity. “My current works are created much as a fugue or canon might be composed, line by line, both vertical and horizontal, with the culmination of a finished composition.” The ink drawings and designs are a reflection this artist’s love of art and music in the 21st century. AboutGarySteele.jpg – will need crop

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