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Gary Steele publishing is the official corporation of works created by Gary Steele and Intrada Publishing, a 1974 Pennsylvania registered publishing company.

Computers are amazing when you remember how to use them.

The Juilliard graduate returned to Central Pennsylvania in the late 60’s to pursue a career in education, composition, and solo performance. During the past 40 years Mr. Steele has been immersed in not only these pursuits, but has authored the Literature and Materials Guide to Instrumental Music, a 450 page book, and opened Intrada Publishing Company in 1972. Gary Steele has pursued this career on both the secondary and college level, being recognized nationally as a performing soloist and clinician. A Master’s degree from The Eastman School of Music has created two areas of present focus, the modern wind ensemble, and new musical theater production. Since retirement from education this concentration has led to the creation of Concerto Nr. 2 for Trombone and Winds, Symphony Nr. 2 for Winds, and five new wind ensemble selections that provide a wide variety solo instrumentation.

The new direction for live instrumental music in America is the combination of vocal and instrumental productions embracing the technology of tomorrow’s generations. For this reason Intrada Publishing has changed its name to Gary Steele Publishing to embrace and provide the musical material that will be needed by the present and new performing artist to survive in this new future of technology. Mr. Steele has always felt that every person in any society has a need to express their personal feelings through creativity. To follow a career in this field of performance will require not only the understanding of the new developments in a society, but the materials needed to survive with these changes.